Working to help rising entrepreneurs live and accomplish their dreams.

Working to help rising entrepreneurs live and accomplish their dreams.

LYFE Marketing’s first big event, The Goods Lyfe Fashion Show

LYFE Marketing’s first big event, The Goods Lyfe Fashion Show

LYFE Marketing

LYFE – Live Young For Ever, LLC was created by three young ambitious college students. They started the company with the mission in mind to help people who are passionate about chasing their dreams, no matter what they wanted to do. “As young people we are taught to meet the demands of the economy and to choose our careers based off the needs of the current job market. We wanted to change that and provide people the tools needed to transform their dreams into reality,” stated the President, Sean Standberry.

            Thus far, LYFE has gained mass attention through “The Goods LYFE” Fashion Show, which was a huge success, and from their recently introduced scholarship “The College LYFE” where they are giving back to the community by helping students pay for their books during the upcoming fall semester. But what exactly does LYFE do? Let’s find out!

            LYFE is a marketing company that specializes in social media. They aim to increase interaction with consumers, generate traffic, and ultimately help companies reach their goals. “Marketing is transitioning from the traditional television commercials, magazine ads, and billboards. We now have the opportunity to scale our marketing efforts utilizing social media and businesses for the first time in history can tap into truly unbiased opinions regarding their services,” says Vice President, Keran Smith. These young entrepreneurs are definitely on the right track, because we all know that there has been a major shift to social media platforms in the past few years.

            Because of their hard work, LYFE Marketing is currently connected to nearly 85,000 people in Atlanta alone through their social media presence. This number is growing daily. The fashion show they hosted, “The Goods LYFE” sold 367 tickets with all promotion done through their social media networks. Of those 367, 50 were pre-sale tickets. Vice President, Sherman Standberry says, “This was a shocker for us because no one really knew who we were, our website was currently down, and we never even had an event before. This really opened our eyes and showed us that the sky is the limit for LYFE Marketing.”

            The most amazing fact about this company is that they have not even launched yet. They expect to fully launch by January of 2013 and they have already made a name for themselves. I definitely anticipate this determined group of entrepreneurs to make a huge impact in the business world. If you are need of any marketing, definitely contact LYFE Marketing as soon as possible, they are the ones for the job.

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LYFE exceeded all my expectations. Ready to elevate your business? LYFE will be that elevator. Just tell them what floor to press!

-Prohaize, Atlanta, GA.